Paplón a vankúš

Blanket and pillow

Fluff blanket and pillow

Thanks to the unique properties of fluff, the fluff blanket and pillow from the Ferreti collection create ideal conditions for sleep.

About a blanket and a pillow

Why choose a blanket and pillow

  • for optimal temperature control
  • pure fluff filling without feathers
  • breathes perfectly

The fluff maintains an optimal temperature, breathes perfectly and at the same time provides natural regulation of heat and humidity during sleep. The surface of the blanket is divided into chambers of the same size, between which the fluff cannot move. Thanks to the even distribution of the filling over the entire surface and in each part (at the edges or in the middle), the blanket has the same warmth. The filling made of pure fluff without feathers (ROYAL blanket) gives the blankets “lightness” while maintaining high warmth. Another Ferreti blanket is the EXCLUSIVE blanket, which, in addition to fluff, also contains feathers in amounts of up to 10%.

The pillow consists of three chambers. The two outer chambers are filled with pure fluff to give the initial impression of softness. The inner chamber is filled with fluff with a mixture of feathers in a volume of up to 15%, which ensures proper head support during sleep. The highest quality of products is also confirmed by the international certificates NOMITE and DAUNASAN.

Paplón a vankúš
Blanket and pillow

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