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Mattress covers

Treat yourself to the bed of your dreams. The legs, in addition to the choice of material and shape, offer a choice of several types of colors or finishes.

Thanks to the use of nanotechnology in the production of fibers, this material not only acquires an elegant luster, but is also silky smooth. The fabric is fluffy, very light and above all very durable. Its structure is a guarantee of the best absorption of moisture and its quick removal, therefore a dry microclimate suitable for our body prevails on the cover. As a result, the surface of the mattress does not heat up, which leads to improved sleep quality. It is definitely one of the highest quality mattress fabrics available on the market. It works perfectly especially with first-class thermoelastic mattresses, mainly because the whole process of ventilation and heat exchange in the mattress is also supported by a special ventilation belt made of 3D fabric. In this case, nanotechnology ensures 100% safety even for allergy sufferers, because the fiber structure of the substance is secured against the growth of fungi, mycoses, bacteria and the multiplication of mites. This unique mattress cover can of course be washed and squeezed at temperatures up to 60 ° C.
This beautiful, pleasant to the touch and very strong substance is made of the most advanced fibers of plant origin, which preserve the minerals used in Chinese medicine. These minerals radiating natural energy improve the flow of energy in the human body and the proper communication of individual tissues and organs of our body. All this primarily for the prevention of diseases. Stress, nervousness, depression? People sleeping on a mattress equipped with this beautiful cover will also notice a reduction in the number of negative thoughts, a reduction in stress (which, as we know, affects many serious illnesses) and a significant improvement in mood during the day. What we notice less, but what is really happening is a significant increase in resistance to infections and infections. These properties also affect the quality of sleep - we sleep through deeper, uninterrupted sleep, which is defined only by successive phases of sleep NREM and REM. Excellent absorption of moisture from the human body and maintaining a constant, dry climate on the surface of the mattress, also allows skin regeneration, it functions as a wellness center. A constant temperature, close to the natural temperature of the human body, also prevents overheating and cooling down during sleep. In the morning it is suddenly a joy to get up, life becomes easier if you sleep on a mattress equipped with Biorytmic cover. Of course, the fabric can also be washed at temperatures up to 60 ° C to meet operational hygiene requirements.

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