lamelový rošt na postel/lamelový rošt na posteľ

Triple T12

FerretiLamella grid

Lamellar grid with prestressed lamellas. The grate frame is made of a combination of solid beech and laminated birch wood.

Frame height 8,5 cm

Number of lamellas 42

Max weight 120 kg

Frame material beech, birch

Warranty 10 years

About grid

Why choose the Triple T12 grid

  • 42 birch lamellas
  • the housings are pivotable in 3 directions
  • combination of solid beech and laminated birch wood

42 birch lamellas ensure maximum spot copying of the body. Thanks to the sliding “belts” and double slats in the middle part, the grate has a stiffness setting. The cases are pivotable in 3 directions, but also raised, so they work much better with the mattress. Both the frame and the slats of the grate are covered with carbon foil, which better protects the wooden parts against atmospheric influences and at the same time is more gentle on the mattress cover.

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